Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy V'day!

Ok so its Valentine’s Day today and this year too i am celebrating it all alone. No I am not here to sob about my single status but I wonder what makes people celebrate this day with so much of buzz? You don’t need just one specific day to show your love to your lover… Do you? And what if you can’t do it this day? Would you wait for the next 14th Feb. to arrive for doing so? Sounds stupid isn’t it? With the pace with which people make and break relations or the so called ‘relations’ by the time the next 14th Feb. arrives they would be having 14 new entries in the list of sweethearts! A bitter reality about the relationships these days.
Yes I know what is going in your mind right now. Ok let me stop looking at the cons and bring some light into the positivity of it. Yes looking at the amount of hatred and indifference surrounding us these days. A day to remind us of the joy of spreading love is not such a bad idea. After all celebrations are what life should be all about and if it is celebrating love then that’s a reason good enough. Then why restrict it just with couples? Spread the love with everyone around…each and every person who is near and means a lot to you. To all those who are far yet close to your heart. And also to those who are not so close to your heart. Celebrate this day of love today and to the rest of the days of the year as well. Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day! :)