Thursday, November 17, 2011

Early Morning...High Drama!!!

7:30 A.M 
Sitting lazily on the couch and surfing through music channels.

7:35 A.M        
Mom calls for breakfast.

7:40 A.M        
The familiar sound comes from the kitchen again.

7:45 A.M        
Mom shouts for the final time!

8:00 A.M        
Enjoying the fresh cup of aromatic tea while listening to some latest numbers.

8:15 A.M       
“Sh!t man!!! It’s 8:15 already???!!! Let me get ready to office fast!”

8: 30 A.M    
“Damn I never find my things when I need them!!!  Now where did the  i pod go??”

8:45 A.M     
Waiting for the auto at the stand. 

8:47 A.M      
One auto arrives. And gets full before you can even think of stepping ahead!    
People are just too smart! Come on Tanu, you better buck up!! 

8:50 A.M       
Another auto arrives. This time I am smarter than others :D 

9:00 A.M      
Waiting for the bus

9:10 A.M       
Still waiting for the bus

9:15 A.M      
“Yaay!!! Bus came…oops so crowded?? Can’t get in even if I try…leave it…will go in the next one.”

9:17 A.M       
“Uffffffffff…. I don’t wanna be late again!!!”

9:20 A.M
The waiting continues...

9:25 A.M       
“Wots wrong with the buses..?? Why not even a single one to my route coming?? Damn! I am getting late!!!”

9:30  A.M         
“Gosh, I am sooooooooo damn late today!!!”

9:35 A.M          
“Hmmm…chill Tanu you are anyways late so now relax and go aaram se! Just have a look at the crowd around and you thought only you go office late??!!! There are many like you :D…!!!”

9:40 A.M      
“There you are my baby!!! Let me get you fast before others fill you up. Ouch…easy people…it’s just a bus :P!!!” 

Phew!!! Ab Bus!!! 


I am wot I am...

I am lazy
I am dark
I am quirky
A little stark
Sometimes crazy
At times smart
A little scary
But good at heart!

If you be my angel, I will be yours
If you be a devil, I know to turn more evil
I am the friend, I am the foe
A little known and a weirdo

I am wot I am...
Do u have a problem with that??
Get lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Today I was watching the movie “My name is Khan”. Yeah, was jobless for a while so thought of tuning into the idiot box and being a SRK fan I could not afford to switch to any other channel. Contrary to what many believe I think SRK is a fantastic “actor”, yes the word in quotes because this particular movie is a proof of his acting skills. A movie where he has grown out of his image as a lover boy and done a real good job. But this post is not to justify SRK’s acting skills. 

While watching the character of Mandira played by Kajol a thought stuck me. Is it possible to fall in love with an autistic person? Is love really blind? Perhaps yes.
We all need just one heart of the millions out there that stores unconditional love and care just for us. And if that happens to be of an autistic person, what’s wrong in it? Perhaps the thought of being too smart makes us, the so called normal people, stay away from loving someone with our full heart coz we love with conditions apply! 

Love is not skin-deep. It sinks in beyond the upper layer of the skin and goes deep within your soul. But not many among us hold the vehemence to dive deep into this territory. All we need is that someone special who holds the perfect love for all our imperfections. Who in spite of being imperfect to the entire world is just perfect for you. Who loves you in your illness. Who admires you even when you know you look your ugliest best!  Who loves your morning breathe as much as the evening perfume on your gown. Who finds you seductive despite of your unwaxed legs. Whose love remains constant in spite of the frequent fluctuations on your weighing scale. Who can starve himself just to buy you a few roses. Who can lose everything to hold you back. Someone whom you are not scared of showing your bare beauty. And yet when you dress up, he is the only one you want to impress. 

And for this, all you need is a true heart residing in a simple kind soul, be it of an autistic person or a non-autistic one. Feel blessed if you have found one. Here, the search continues…

Thursday, November 3, 2011


It’s a day with those “main kaun hoon? main kahan hoon?’ types of syndrome. The kinds when you find everything meaningless and everyone useless, and you the biggest one out of them all! Where am i? What am I doing here? Agrrrrrrhhhhhhhh…NO IDEA!!! 

Basically I think I am just a waste. Yeah…think so. And before you give that vicious smirk of yours, lemme tell you that’s wot I think of you as well! Now don’t think I have gone bonkers! It’s my blog and I hold all the rights to put every junk and sh!t over here! Thank you internet….i love you!!! And you better get back to your business…boss is watching!!! :P mee?? Well not in a mood to work you see ( like always)!!! :)