Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Do It!

Life always gives us choice…every problem comes with its own options for us to choose from. Some go the realistic way and approach it rationally, while others (Read: me) follow the way directed by the heart. And yes there are times when we are flooded with options that only adds up to the confusion. So the fewer the options the better it is. In fact having no option is the best option because that way you never make any mistakes. You have one way and one only method to approach. But if you ask me I would say the best approach would be to follow the heart, which is the check post for all the feelings and emotions to pass through. So you better do not let it down. Yet the so called sensible ones prefer the “brainy way” and put a barrier against letting the emotions to come out.

What is the thing that stops us from following our heart instead of mind? Why can’t we express ourselves and reveal our real selves in front of others most of the time? What stops us from expressing it to that someone special of how much you love him/her? Why we take people for granted? Why we take relationships for granted? Why we do not say ‘Thank you’ to our mom for the everyday cooking and cleaning she does for us? Why do we forget to say ‘I love you’ to those around us and for making our life so special? Are these emotions not so important to be expressed or is it the taken for granted attitude of ours that stops us from doing so? Yes few things go without saying but what is wrong in expressing yourself just one more time and every time? All it takes is a thought and then express it to all those who mean a lot to you and you to them. Do it, after all the smile on their faces that you will get in return is worth it! Yes we do know it is worth it, still most of us don’t do that. Not because we don’t get time to do so or don't feel to express. The reason behind is just that we are so used of taking things for granted! And forget that it is our verbal power of communication that differentiates us from the animals and makes us human. Yet we seldom realize the importance and prefer to remain mum most of the time.

So what stops you, me and most of us from expressing ourselves right at the moment and follow our heart? Well it is a strange force that I realized few days ago, while travelling in a local train. I so much wanted to get up and offer my seat to that old man who was standing in the crowd. But a strange force stopped me from doing so. I don’t know what made me feel hesitant. Was that my selfish inner self that stopped me or the thought of people around? No it is not that I didn’t want to help him, I certainly did but didn’t have the guts to stand up and offer him my seat before the other guy offered him his own. Something stopped me from following my heart and expressing me at that particular moment. So meanwhile I took my decision making time this fellow next to me gets up and offeres his seat. He followed his heart and i could not. It was just a matter of seconds but all I did was wasted time. While he just followed what came to his heart right there and right then. So now he was one happy soul and I captured by the sin. But yes, this incident did make me realise of the force that keeps people engaged in doing everything but following their heart and expressing themselves.

Be it verbal or non-verbal…all I would say is do not hold the feeling back just express it as it comes. Forget the if’s and the but’s. Just put across what your heart wants to say and make the use of article 19 to the fullest!!!
Smile at the child whom you see every day at the tea stall while passing through the pavement or at the stranger whom you meet every day in the local train while going for work. Next time when you are free call that best friend of yours who stood by you thick and thin and thank him/her without a reason, say ‘I love you’ and show your care to all those who are near and dear to you…Life is short, so make the most of it NOW...Kya pata KAL HO NA HO! :)