Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Once Upon A Time…My Home!

Everything was same yet there was a feeling of unfamiliarity around. Yesterday I went to my old house to collect some of my stuff remaining there and bid a final good bye to once upon a time my home. My association with these beams and walls has lasted for the past 3 years and though I should get used to it by now, having spent last 24 years of my life (you know my age now…delete from your memory ASAP!) doing the same, still everytime I had to leave a place or move to a new house it hurts somewhere. Strange it is how we get attached to things, both living and the one belonging to the inanimate world.

I looked around. This house has spent 1095 days and nights with me. It has seen me grow from a student to a professional. But today it is no more mine. The study table at the corner is no more mine. No more will I get to relish my mom’s food on this dining table standing in the empty hall, all alone. The shelves once stuffed with my things, both important and trivial, are now all vacant and free. The walls of this room that was once my room still bears my signs in the poster marks that were once stuck on them. This chair that once witnessed many small and big discussions is no more mine. The dressing table which still has my two bindis stuck on the sides of its mirror is no more mine. These concrete steps will no more lead to My Home. Till yesterday it was a part of my identity and today this house is no more mine. Still it is an integral part my life. Always has been, always will be.

When I first stepped on you
I didn’t feel any happiness
My heart didn’t feel know to love you
Today again I am taking a step
This time, the one that goes out

I cried when I first saw you
And today, my eyes are moist again
But the difference lies in my heart

As I bid you a good bye
I can feel the love inside
Yes I am in love with you
Yes I am going to miss you!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

                                      FAKEo Magar Dhaayan Se!

A handbag with the brand 'Apple' written on it

A closer look
Ever since the original brands have come into existence, the cheap duplicates of these brands have flooded the market as well. Considering the ridiculously high price of most of these high end products, many of us knowingly opt for the fake alternatives. So what if it is a fake? As long as it is cheap, no one is complaining!  Sometimes these fake ones come with so much of sophistication, minus the durability, that it’s really difficult to make out the difference between the fake and the original at one glance. And sometimes these fake ones make such a blunder that you can’t help but laugh at them! Like in the pic above where a girl was carrying a handbag which says ‘Apple’ on it. No prizes for guessing that it is a fake one but then ‘why apple?’. An electronics company logo in a handbag?!!!  Just doesn’t go well together! I mean if it was a Gucci or a Hidesign then its fine but Apple? Imagine a pen that says Maggi and a shirt that says Harpic! Funny isn’t it? Of course unless these merchandise are endorsed by the company itself.  At least the brand name inscribed on a fake item should go well with the product category.

Well, all you dudes doing this business of fake brands wake up time guys!!! Use some common sense before faking it up!!!

                           Munching On The Move

Ok now since all of you people know the kind of freak that I am who keeps clicking n posting crap all the time, here is one more story i clicked in the train. Kya karoon, sometimes I just can’t help! He he…thanks to the one who invented mobile camera. This dude is really awesome. I mean nothing can replace it, not even the damn expensive every professional photographer’s pet- SLR! Coz when you want to click without being caught, mobile camera simply rocks!!!
If you happen to travel in a local train in the evening time post office hours, this is exactly how it would look like (Refer the pic above). All hungry souls munching on anything served on their way turning the compartment into a mini market, well quite literally! Fruits, snacks, veggies…You name it and you get it. At a pocket friendly price, munching on the move is not a bad idea. So that makes tummy bhi khush aur pocket bhi! 

P.S   Please be a responsible Muncher and don’t litter while travelling. Happy munching! :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ladies Compartment

After facing some not so good experiences while traveling in buses I finally decided to take the train route from my office to home. And to tell you the truth, my journeys in train have been quite eventful, not that the bus journeys weren’t. Just the thing is, the train ones are lot more interesting than irritating unlike the bus journeys. Thanks to the ‘ladies compartment’ (yes one more post on that).

Today was my second day of travel via the Beach-Tambaram local train and I witnessed a small but interesting incident on the way, which I would like to share with you people here. So here I go.

The trains at Fort station are usually empty and you get enough space to comfortably park yourself in one of those not so comfortable wooden seats provided by the government and take out a story book to kill the next 45 minutes of your journey. I opened the zip (of my purse :P) and slipped my hand inside to reach ‘The Lost Symbol’ (Dan Brown). The train started moving away from the station slowly accelerating its speed and as usual leaving many people running behind it making an effort to catch the running train. Dhum dhum dhum…I heard some heavy footsteps as a guy ran behind the train, managing to catch hold of the steel pole near the door, and got inside our compartment. A usual scene I thought and ignored him while opening my novel. But wait! It is not the usual affair. A guy in a ladies compartment?!! Yes he ran so fast that he didn’t even realise that the one he is landing into is the ladies compartment! :P

I have seen many men at the stations, who feel elated after seeing one empty compartment sandwiched in the middle of compartments full of humans. But as they come close to hop inside, their smiles vanish away realising it as the ‘Ladies Compartment’. Disappointed they run to the immediate next and fit themselves to an already overflowing boogie. Ok let’s come back to our poor ‘macho man’ caught inside the Ladies Compartment now. As I looked at him I could see awkwardness and unease fill his face. I know it wasn’t his fault but I found it funny at the same time was feeling sorry for his state as well. ‘Paavam’ I thought.

His expressions were of ‘what to do…what not to do’ types. I don’t know why but he came up to me and asked something that made the whole situation even more funny (yes just for me though).

“Is this a ladies compartment” He asked.

‘Bingo! You got that right! Fool, can’t you get it by the look of it?’ I though.

“Yes” I told.

“Can I sit here” He asked.

“Stupid question!” I thought.

“I don’t think so” I said.

“What should I do now?” He asked.

‘Again a silly question!’ I thought.

“You can get down at the next station and get inside a general compartment” I said.

“Ya…thanks!” He said.

“Its ok…it happens” I told.

Yes it happens sometimes. But if it doesn’t happen with you, it leaves a good laugh for you behind. :D

Monday, December 6, 2010

On A Rainy Day In Office

It’s drizzling, it’s pouring, it’s raining
Cool gentle breeze so charming
Drenched are the buildings; drenched are the roads
Don’t feel to come out of the warmth of my abode

But here I am at work
Stuck in an office with all jerks
No fun here; only work around
Performing a duty that I am bound

Freak why it rains when I am out?
Wanna hit the walls with a clout
To come out of the four wall
Experience the beauty made to enthrall

But you don’t always get what you want
Loads of work to make me daunt
So here I agree to keep up the good work
Back to my desk and a face with a smirk :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

School Sucks!!!

Today while coming to office I saw some kids in my neighborhood walking back home from school. Morning is not the time for schools to get over so a curious me (more because of the happy expression on their faces than them taking a different route) asked them the reason. As they broke the ‘Happy’ news to me their faces brighten up with joy. “School declared a holiday because of the rain!!!”, a kid responded to me with happiness. “That’s cool. Have fun then!!!”, I said giving them an equally elated smile back as if my office had also declared a leave for me. I remember how me and my friends would pray for our school to declare a holiday before the tough exam we wouldn’t have prepared for. Sometimes we would go so crazy with our prayers that we would not mind a disaster or a calamity to strike for the exam dates to get postpone or pray for our teacher to fall sick. It’s only now that I realize how stupid we were. Most of the time our prayers remained unanswered, except for a few instances when the teacher actually fell sick. :D Anyways passing across these kids did make me feel a little jealous of their luck. Wait did I say luck? Well yes today might be a lucky day for them but it doesn’t happen everyday. In all other days I see them carrying bags double their size and feel sorry for them. And yes also celebrate the fact that I am no more in school!!! I hate my school life. The over-sized bags, bulky notebooks, never ending classes, strict discipline, monotones morning prayers, boring uniform, out of fashion ugly ponytails that made me look even more ugly and always make me late while plating them, scary surprise tests, my daily encounter with the most boring subject in the world Maths and more than that my psycho maths teacher, ufff the list is endless when it comes to things I hate about being in school. And given a chance I would never like to go back ever, I know life wouldn’t give me the chance again but am more than happy not to receive it. I hate studies and especially when you have to study a subject that your dad chose for you. Thank God I escaped the Maths Monster in college and opted for Bio. But cockroach dissection was another nightmare ( One more post for that). I never liked my school life after 10th. Reason? Well cause before 10th I used to study science because I loved the subject. After that it was more about scoring ranks in boards than enjoying the logic of science behind a thing of amaze in nature. Science was no more fun as it was replaced by heavy out of this world concepts and formulas. I know I can never say these things to my kids while sending them to a school. I should also give a rosy picture like all other parents about school life before I push them to twelve years of unofficial imprisonment. But before that stage comes I am free to speak my mind.For me school wasn't much of fun the discipline part made it suck in my case, i started enjoying life only once i jumped the confines of school and went to college.

I walked a few more steps and found some kids eating puffs and samosas at a bakery shop near the road side. The school had declared a holiday, a reason good enough to celebrate i guess. This reminded me of my canteen time with friends in school. Bunking classes or just being late for one, so that you get to relish on some extra samosas in the canteen. Eating out in canteen with friends was always fun. No matter how much good cook your mother is, no one can match the canteen food. Yes all that yummy junk and the reason behind the extra kilos. But when pressure is high and there is too much to study food comes as a close companion of comfort. Especially if you are the studious type who doesn’t care how many guys turn their heads everytime you pass the corridor. All that matters to you is to score decent marks to keep your parents happy. Have good time with friends to keep yourself happy. And yes food does play a major role here.

Some of my best friends are the ones whom I have met during my school life and are still with me, not physically though. Our combined studies before exams. Our joint prayers before exams, after exams and during the distribution of answer sheets and then comparing them with each others. Birthday celebrations and collecting money to buy presents. Loads of after school activities and fun. Working together on projects. Doing each other’s homework and solving maths problems. Creating problems and then again solving them. Sharing secrets and keeping them. Fighting, sulking and cajoling.  When I rewind my school life in my mind, I see lot of ugly fat books with many ugly fat and lean teachers and some interesting collection of books with equally interesting friends and equally friendly and knowledgeable teachers. Deleting the ugly files while refreshing the good ones. School life is not that bad. Especially if you have the company of some good friends, some good teachers and yes once in a while out of the blue holiday on such rainy days!