Monday, October 26, 2009


Today I am going to talk about a particular type of creature whom I am sure we all have got the chance to see in our lives at some point or the other. You will find them every where and at every stage of life. At home, at office, school, college, almost every where, even in the mythology you will get to see the proof of their existence, having a lot of credit on their lap for being the catalyst of many of the great wars in the history. We grew up among them, always surrounding us and annoying us. You will find them everywhere among friends, siblings, classmates and yes last but the most important habitat of these creatures…office. Some love to keep them, some love to become one and the rest (read: me) who don’t fit into the earlier two just watch helplessly cribbing about them. So helplessly venting my frustration here. Take a look around and you will find them all around. These are the people carrying the secret recipe of being successful without actually working. I have seen quite a many and I am sure you too have had to deal with your share of such jerks. One is enough to change your life into a hell. You do everything…work sincerely towards your goals…try to achieve all your targets on time…do almost everything to get what these get doing only one thing i.e. nothing! If you wonder why am I talking of them?? Well just happened to see one such creature sitting in front of me and don’t have any other place to express my frustration, so am here.

If you still wonder that whom I am talking about then let me tell you. The dictionary define these creatures as ‘a person who flatters someone important in a servile way’ and others like me call them…well there are quite a few of them….Sycophant, asskisser, butterer, parasite, suck up, crawler, toady, yesman, but my fav is the desi version ‘chamchagiri’. Sucks!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

'Happy Diwali'

Life is so unpredictable. Full of surprises and sorrows. A mystery that we keep solving throughout this journey and still don’t get an answer to it. A simple question that leaves us all puzzled. What is life? A fascinating journey that teaches us lessons at every step, a journey that we start alone and as we move ahead people keep joining in. Some momentarily, some for a little more than that. Few we forget easily, few we cannot and there are few whom we want to forget but cannot. The unpredictability about life is perhaps the most fascinating thing about it. You never know what will happen the next moment. You never know you will have the same people around you the very next moment. Yet it is this optimistic human nature that lets us go to sleep with the hope of waking up the next day to witness a bright sunshine. We meet people, some touch our heart, and some leave without any impact. I never thought that it was my last meeting with him and I will never be able to see him again when he came to see us off a year back when we were leaving Delhi. I still remember his ever smiling face and humorous nature that helps him strikes a rapport immediately with anyone he met. He was a distant relative of mine whom even I was not aware of until I inquired among my close ones to find someone to help me find an accommodation for my internship in Delhi. That was the time when me and my family met him for the first time.

A day before yesterday while browsing though my phone book to send ‘Diwali Messages’ (the forwarded ones) suddenly his number popped up on the screen. After returning from Delhi, not even a single festival went without wishing him. And this Diwali, he is no more there between us. Or may be he is still alive in our memories, and will always be alive in our hearts. Wish you ‘A Very Happy Diwali’ Uncle!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sach Ka Samna

‘Ghandhi Jayanti’ just passed by and the first thing that comes to my mind when you say ‘BAPU’ after his trademark round glasses, is his autobiography ‘My Experiments with Truth’. “Truth and honesty have always been an integral part of ‘Bapu’s’ life and we should also try to imbibe the very same in ours”, that’s what has always been told to us since childhood. But the truth about ‘Truth’ is that it is bit not so practical to stick to telling ‘Truth’ all the time in today’s world. In other words, it is hard to survive without lying in the present scenario. At least without the small ones, which we use every now and then without even realizing that we are lying.

Why am I saying this is that recently I have broken all my previous records on lying and lied quite a lot this week. And no I am not here for apologies. Sometimes a little lying is necessary for your own survival in this not so honest world. I mean you have to become sick when your boss doesn’t grant you leave and you have exhausted all your casual leaves and you definitely don’t wanna miss that outing with your friends. Especially for a journo like me where week doesn't end on weekends. :( So what if your Boss too knows that all your excuses are so ‘not true’! I know most of us do that (except for those of us who are from Mars and clame having never lied in their lives!!! Duh?).

Now giving a make over to my image that I ruined in the above few lines let me tell you, I am not a typical liar who uses this art all the time. On the contrary I have always tried to refrain from lying. The reason could be that I have always been bad at lying. And so ventured towards honesty and always abstain from lying of course except for a few instances where it just came out on its own as a self defense. Thought every lier gives this excuse of 'self defense'. But yes honestly is the best policy and I totally imbibing that. Why do people lie? What makes them lie? The truth about lying is that, we all indulge into it. Some a little less, others a little more. The bottom line is as long as it doesn’t harm anyone’s sentiments, indulging into a bit of lying is not that bad. What do you think?