Monday, October 19, 2009

'Happy Diwali'

Life is so unpredictable. Full of surprises and sorrows. A mystery that we keep solving throughout this journey and still don’t get an answer to it. A simple question that leaves us all puzzled. What is life? A fascinating journey that teaches us lessons at every step, a journey that we start alone and as we move ahead people keep joining in. Some momentarily, some for a little more than that. Few we forget easily, few we cannot and there are few whom we want to forget but cannot. The unpredictability about life is perhaps the most fascinating thing about it. You never know what will happen the next moment. You never know you will have the same people around you the very next moment. Yet it is this optimistic human nature that lets us go to sleep with the hope of waking up the next day to witness a bright sunshine. We meet people, some touch our heart, and some leave without any impact. I never thought that it was my last meeting with him and I will never be able to see him again when he came to see us off a year back when we were leaving Delhi. I still remember his ever smiling face and humorous nature that helps him strikes a rapport immediately with anyone he met. He was a distant relative of mine whom even I was not aware of until I inquired among my close ones to find someone to help me find an accommodation for my internship in Delhi. That was the time when me and my family met him for the first time.

A day before yesterday while browsing though my phone book to send ‘Diwali Messages’ (the forwarded ones) suddenly his number popped up on the screen. After returning from Delhi, not even a single festival went without wishing him. And this Diwali, he is no more there between us. Or may be he is still alive in our memories, and will always be alive in our hearts. Wish you ‘A Very Happy Diwali’ Uncle!

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