Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sach Ka Samna

‘Ghandhi Jayanti’ just passed by and the first thing that comes to my mind when you say ‘BAPU’ after his trademark round glasses, is his autobiography ‘My Experiments with Truth’. “Truth and honesty have always been an integral part of ‘Bapu’s’ life and we should also try to imbibe the very same in ours”, that’s what has always been told to us since childhood. But the truth about ‘Truth’ is that it is bit not so practical to stick to telling ‘Truth’ all the time in today’s world. In other words, it is hard to survive without lying in the present scenario. At least without the small ones, which we use every now and then without even realizing that we are lying.

Why am I saying this is that recently I have broken all my previous records on lying and lied quite a lot this week. And no I am not here for apologies. Sometimes a little lying is necessary for your own survival in this not so honest world. I mean you have to become sick when your boss doesn’t grant you leave and you have exhausted all your casual leaves and you definitely don’t wanna miss that outing with your friends. Especially for a journo like me where week doesn't end on weekends. :( So what if your Boss too knows that all your excuses are so ‘not true’! I know most of us do that (except for those of us who are from Mars and clame having never lied in their lives!!! Duh?).

Now giving a make over to my image that I ruined in the above few lines let me tell you, I am not a typical liar who uses this art all the time. On the contrary I have always tried to refrain from lying. The reason could be that I have always been bad at lying. And so ventured towards honesty and always abstain from lying of course except for a few instances where it just came out on its own as a self defense. Thought every lier gives this excuse of 'self defense'. But yes honestly is the best policy and I totally imbibing that. Why do people lie? What makes them lie? The truth about lying is that, we all indulge into it. Some a little less, others a little more. The bottom line is as long as it doesn’t harm anyone’s sentiments, indulging into a bit of lying is not that bad. What do you think?

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  1. great work...even gandhiji lied as he himself has no harms for a few until they cause havoc...