Thursday, February 24, 2011

Check It Out!

Early morning…rushing to the office…Hop into a crowded bus…between the jerks and the pushes you think, “Why did I get into this one?”…as much to get inside was a pain equally painful it is to get out of it…uff finally out...what a relief! Waiting to cross the road…you turn back…see that crowded bus one last time and your eyes get stuck on the advertisement on the bus back...”Hey that’s my ad!!!”…now it wasn’t that bad an idea to get in…hmm worth it…you smile :)

 Some of the bus back pics clicked by the production guys the night before the launch. Could not click on my own coz your boss doesn’t understand your emotions when you are late! 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Lot Can Happen Over A Cup Of Chai

Once upon a time there was an advertising agency known as Cedilla Communications. The advertising agency had a tea vending machine and its very hardworking employees were hardly working without having their everyday cup of tea vended from it.  Their lives just revolved around creating good ads over endless cups of this aromatic beverage. Then one day they had had enough of this artificial machine-made chai and thought of going for some real stuff instead, ‘Asli Human-made Chai’. And they bought this… induction stove!!!

Since then all Cedilla Vaasis started drinking ‘Aasli Chai’. And they drank happily ever after…I mean tea! :D

                      The Artificial Chai Vending Machine 

                      The Human-made Chai In The Making...

                        Cheers To The Asli Chai! :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zara Zoom!


A closer look and you will find them all the same. You will find a little piece of you inside every heart. You will experience a small slice of your life in every life.  All that you see from this end is the same what you will witness on the other edge, just in a different version perhaps.

Deep down we are all the same. Our lives are the same. Only lifestyles differ. Our emotions are the same. Only expressions vary. Our aspirations are the same. Only inspiration differs. 

We all tempt for the riches. We also relish on the idea of a simple and peaceful life. We all love our freedom. We also like to be tied to our families. We hate our lives.  We also want to be reborn as no one else but ourselves. 

We all desire for the same. We all dream about the same. Our problems are the same. Just approach varies.  All you need is, to look closer. And then you will find them all as you. A step closer and you will see a reflection of you, in a form different than yours.