Monday, November 5, 2012

I lost my life

Now I'm dead

The soul has left

Just the body is kept

Alone and ail

It’s gone all pale

Lifeless and hopeless

I closed my eyes

And now I’m dead!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Jeeyo J.K !!! :)

Now this one is from Facebook, yeah I mean sourced out from there. Doesn't it make so much of sense and definitely a great feel good factor while gulping down that sinful dark forest pastry without a guilt!!

Well said Rowling, can't agree with you more on this!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Always...Forever...!!! :)

Few things are forever...the beauty of simplicity turns them into timeless such beautiful creation from the past is this song...came across after a long time...while surfing through channels yesterday i got stuck in the channel that gets changed ever before its logo appears...but yesterday was a different soon as i saw this one...i just could not skip...the unique association that i (and many of you too) share with this song brings alive my childhood reminiscence...there is a strange connection that we have developed with these Doordarshan archives...something that can not be expressed through words...anyways listen to this song and i hope you would enjoy this short journey back in time...and yes, i changed the channel as soon as this got over!!! ;)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mind of a 'Copywriter'...Mind it!!! ;)

Wot goes inside the mind of a 'Copywriter'??? If you think it is client briefs and creative ideas, I bet you are wrong!!! 

It's full of questions...questions...questions and more questions...!! 

The one that comes the most often (read: everyday) ...wot am i doing here today?? 

I hate proof makes me sleepy!!! :( 

Gosh!! That's exactly wot i had imagined...!!! Thief!!! :P

Why did this fantastic idea never strike me?? :-/

How i wish i had paid a little more attention to my English teacher  in school. :P

I should be called a Coffee Writer...!!! Hahahaha...But why are u laughing?? 

I am all brains in this pool of jack@$$$!!! (right brow UP!!)

Why? Am i a living dictionary or wot?? huh?? 

That idea was just tweaked it a bit...big deal!! 

This brief is HELL TO BRIEF!!! 

If i make the client presentation, i should be paid your salary!!! ;-) No i am not kidding!! x-(

Am i really a writer??? I mean really?? Sacchi??!! :P

Oh thank you...that was the worst of all that i glad the client approved!!! :P

And there are many more....will tell you...time for my COFFEE BREAK now!!! ;)

Monday, April 9, 2012

तुम बिन ...

टूट गया वो रिश्ता,
वो डोर जो अभी बंधी भी नहीं थी...
रूठ गई वो हंसी,
जो अभी होंठो पर बसी भी नहीं थी...

चलना था साथ आखरी दम तक,
तो कुछ दूर ही मे दम टूट गया...
न जाने क्या बात हुई,
मुकद्दर हमारा हमसे रूठ गया...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Miles to go...

Oh nadaan parindey
Ghar aaja..

Kyun desh videsh phire maara
Kyun haal behaal thakha haara
Kyun desh videsh phire maara
Tu raat beraat ka banjaara
Oh nadaan parindey
Ghar aaja..

A song that translates into one’s own story for many of us and almost all of us.  A bird that has left its cozy secure nest to fly high in the open sky. Full of uncertainties and doubts. With only single faith, in self. Not sure how the weather would be. Sometimes favorable, at times not so. Far away from the known surroundings. Far away from the protective atmosphere. Far away from the comforting laps. In search of its own identity. In search of its own destiny. In search of its own self. The road ahead will not be smooth. Here no one will lend a hand at times of fall. All will only stand and stare. Some will laugh too. But have to stand again and keep forging ahead with confidence only in, self. Here, will meet both friends and foes. Sometimes will witness both in the same. Have to accept both and move on.

Then comes a gust of wind and shakes the determination within. Heart wants to fly back. Says, leave this land unknown and go back to own land, own people. This is not own, and will never own.
Wind calms down and mind asks, give up? Not yet!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Joy...!!! :)

A joy today, a joy tomorrow
A joy forever and there won’t be any sorrow
A joy of smile, a joy of laughter
A joy of strength, before & after

A joy so jovial, a joy so dear
Drives away the fear, when a joy is near
But today a joy is little down
Keeping the face away with a tiny frown

Cheer a joy up and give a tight hug
Tell, the times won’t last long to bug
A test of time, and nothing khaas
A joy of angelic cheer, and this shall also pass! :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I did the right thing or did I?

Life is all about making decisions...Decisions to choose between the right thing and the thing that is right for me...Have always listened to my heart...Not that always my heart took the right decision but have always taken the decision that was right for me...But today for the first time in my life i look back and contemplate..."Did I do the right thing?" :-/

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Are you 'Game'???

All work and no play made Jack a dull boy. So we jerks thought of playing instead. Since then every Friday is declared as an activity day, where for one hour all we do is PLAY!!! :D And this time it was Pictionary. For those who are hearing about this game for the first time in their lives here is a link to explain it better 

Yeah I myself didn’t know about it until I played. And yes I did give my best (the best I could give in 60 seconds time). I mean honestly tell me doesn’t the picture below resembles a ‘Fox’??  No, tell me honestly…doesn’t it? Ok somewhat like a ‘Fox’?? No???!!! A little???

 No prizes for guessing who drew it. :P

Friday, January 13, 2012


Today i am blank....really blank...not that i don't have anything to write about...actually there are too many and when there are too many thoughts revolving inside sometimes it gets difficult to put them down to words. Lots to say but my body is not supporting me. This fever has taken a great toll on me but somewhere the writing ka keeda will never sit quite. The title track of one of my favourite movies 'Kal ho na ho' is playing in the background. A movie that brings me joy and gloom at the same time. I just love this song. It has got so much of depth into it. Isn't it? Kal Ho Na Ho...Who knows what tomorrow holds...Who knows whether tomorrow will come or not...Who knows you will be blessed with the same love and care or not...Just grab Today and never let it go...People change with Time- True...Dimensions of relationships change with Time- True...Time decides, Time heals- True...We wait for the right time and it never comes- True...Coz No time is the Right Time...Just grab the moment and make it your Right Time...Right Now...Coz Kal Ho Na Ho. 

Does it make any sense? No? Thought so...I think i should get back to bed. Ciao :)