Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mind of a 'Copywriter'...Mind it!!! ;)

Wot goes inside the mind of a 'Copywriter'??? If you think it is client briefs and creative ideas, I bet you are wrong!!! 

It's full of questions...questions...questions and more questions...!! 

The one that comes the most often (read: everyday) ...wot am i doing here today?? 

I hate proof reading...it makes me sleepy!!! :( 

Gosh!! That's exactly wot i had imagined...!!! Thief!!! :P

Why did this fantastic idea never strike me?? :-/

How i wish i had paid a little more attention to my English teacher  in school. :P

I should be called a Coffee Writer...!!! Hahahaha...But why are u laughing?? 

I am all brains in this pool of jack@$$$!!! (right brow UP!!)

Why? Am i a living dictionary or wot?? huh?? 

That idea was mine...you just tweaked it a bit...big deal!! 

This brief is HELL TO BRIEF!!! 

If i make the client presentation, i should be paid your salary!!! ;-) No i am not kidding!! x-(

Am i really a writer??? I mean really?? Sacchi??!! :P

Oh thank you...that was the worst of all that i coined..so glad the client approved!!! :P

And there are many more....will tell you...time for my COFFEE BREAK now!!! ;)

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