Friday, January 13, 2012


Today i am blank....really blank...not that i don't have anything to write about...actually there are too many and when there are too many thoughts revolving inside sometimes it gets difficult to put them down to words. Lots to say but my body is not supporting me. This fever has taken a great toll on me but somewhere the writing ka keeda will never sit quite. The title track of one of my favourite movies 'Kal ho na ho' is playing in the background. A movie that brings me joy and gloom at the same time. I just love this song. It has got so much of depth into it. Isn't it? Kal Ho Na Ho...Who knows what tomorrow holds...Who knows whether tomorrow will come or not...Who knows you will be blessed with the same love and care or not...Just grab Today and never let it go...People change with Time- True...Dimensions of relationships change with Time- True...Time decides, Time heals- True...We wait for the right time and it never comes- True...Coz No time is the Right Time...Just grab the moment and make it your Right Time...Right Now...Coz Kal Ho Na Ho. 

Does it make any sense? No? Thought so...I think i should get back to bed. Ciao :)

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