Sunday, August 21, 2011

Har ek friend zaroori hota hai?

The latest anthem by Airtel which everyone is humming to and posting it as their status messages on facebook. Yeah right Mr. Airtel…each friend is important, you never know when you need him/her. You never know when you are in need of that urgent cash, you never know when you need a help and you badly start missing that dearest friend of yours whom you don’t get time to call in ages otherwise. And then there are those who like to hang out with you as long as you stick that smile on your face and bear all the expenses!!! So each friend is important you see. Yes Mr. Airtel I completely agree with you…each friend plays an important role in teaching you one great lesson i.e. to be happy and contented with YOURSELF!!! No one can know you and love you more than YOU can do. So here I decide to realize the true value of each and every friend of mine and would like show the well deserved love and care of mine, starting from the best friend I have ever got….ME! :P

And Mr. Airtel as you always say, “Express Yourself”. I have. Now back to my own shell. See you until I move on to my next ‘zaroori’ friend.

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