Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Suha'Naya' Safar Aur Yeh Train Haseen!

Yesterday as the train stopped screeching against the track at my station, everything inside the compartment looked so bright and new. Maybe it is all because of the crystal clear view that I am getting from my branded Esprit specs which I am not very used to at the moment, I thought.  As I sat in my seat I realized the fellow passengers too were busy admiring the beauty of the train’s makeover. Ok so it was not because of the Esprit but because the train is painted afresh!

The seats are new, the old fans are replaced with the new faster ones, the old handles too are changed with their new counterparts happily dancing to the tunes of the track, the old dying tube lights are now replaced with the much needed brand new ones changing the complete look of the compartment into a bright and glowing one.  Not just the interiors but the exterior of the boogie too is painted anew, erasing the ‘Ladies’ symbol written on it and confusing men more than ever. 

Admiring the beauty of the train I opened my packet of crispies celebrating this new found beauty of the train…a nice breezy window seat with crispies in my mouth and my favourite author to read…hmmm…bas aur kya cahiye?!!! :D

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