Monday, August 1, 2011

My Fantastic Five!

One day is not enough to express the love, affection, trust, loyalty, comfort, care and loads of fun that we share with the special ones known as Friends. It takes a lifetime to build this beautiful relation, surviving the trials and tribulations of times, sharing some of the innermost secrets and special moments of life together. Though we mention everyone around us as friends and the advancement of technology and social networking has enabled friendship just a click away, true friendship still remains the rarest element on earth. With every passing day and each friendship request my list of friends and acquaintances keeps growing, still when I count my friends there are only five gems I came across in my life whom I call my True Friends.  Thanks a lot guys for coming to my life and this post is especially dedicated to you as my token of love on this Friendship Day! So, here I go…


My Partner In Crime,                                                                                                  

You are the first one whom I have met out of my fantastic five, so the first letter goes to you. ‘Partner in crime’ because of all the craziest, funniest, loveliest and incredible moments that you have shared with me during our school and college time. Seriously yaar, those were the best days of my life and I know, yours too! Together we have done many small and naughty stuffs that even now when I think of them it brings a smile on my face.

A tomboy with a heart of gold but when someone messes with you, you know how to serve them back in the same coin. I loved the time we had spend together bunking classes, spending endless hours in college canteen and cafes, teasing guys in buses and markets, taking ‘panga’ with almost everyone we disliked, roaming around for no reason, celebrating Diwali and Holi together, listening to our moms complaints about us and then pulling each other’s leg over it. Ufff…there is so much to say that the list just goes on and on and on.

We met in school and then moved apart just to meet again in some other school. And then this friendship took a stronger turn when we joined the same college and the same class. Today you are someone’s wife and the fun times we had shared are nothing but just memories yet you will always remain special to me. I don’t talk to you so often these days, even you are busy dealing with this new phase of your life but one thing I want to tell you that you are one unforgettable chapter of my life that is very close to my heart and will always remain this way. 

Miss (now Mrs) Smiley, 

You are the second one who touched my heart in a special way. Exam tension, poor grades, zero performance, no assignment done, yet the smile prevails on your ever smiling face. Touch wood, and hope it always remains this way. It used to be great fun to pull your leg over petty issues and you would never mind. When you and I along with ‘my partner in crime’ come together, it is always a house on fire! You love eating ice cream when the temperature goes below zero degrees and that makes you just perfect to match upto our levels of craziness.

I don’t know whether you even remember it or not.  But I still recollect our fun filled foodie days! The taste of your moms Dhokla still lingers in my mouth and till date I make them the way you had taught me. And that’s not all. Eating paani-puris on the roadside, dahi-bhalls in the market and dosas at ‘Panchavati’, the memories are still afresh. 

A fun loving and jovial person, who beautifully carries simplicity and innocence in her smile and her heart. ‘It’s ok, chalta hai!’ that’s the attitude you always have taken forward and it is this happy go lucky self of yours that I admire in you the most. Whenever I hear your cheerful voice, it brings delight to me. A good girl with a good heart, big enough to love, care and forgive all. Hope you always remain the same and continue to spread joy and happiness to the newly included members of your life too.


My Goody Goody Darpok,

Well never named you anything but the goody goody person that you are, I think this name suits you the best. Though I know you may feel otherwise. Darpok, I always call you. And you know that very well. A personality completely contrary to mine, you will always remain close to my heart and this third letter is for you, My Goody Goody Darpok.

A reserved and serious kind for the world, I know how to bring the smile and talks out of you effortlessly. Something I feel glad doing! You say I am your only friend in this world. And I can’t tell you how much happiness that brings to me. It’s a privilege to be your friend dear. But I would like you to explore the world of friendship and add many more names onto the list. And yet not forget this very first friend of yours. Thank you for being my 24x7 technical support to solve all my computer related problems. A technically challenged person that I am, it would have been really tough without those helps. And if you think it’s the end, then let me warn you that I will keep coming back to haunt you for technical helps again!

I like your simple and humble self and it is something I admire in you the most. Yes you have hurt me sometimes but that doesn’t stop me from being your friend. I wish you the very best in life and want you to know that you will always remain a special friend. Thanks for bringing in the sweetness of your friendship in my life.



My Friend, Philosopher And Guide,

Once a colleague, now my closest buddy. You are someone with whom I share almost everything and you are always there to listen patiently and guide me on every small and big matters of life. When you chat cracking silly jokes with me, I see a friend in you. When you scold me on my stupid acts, I see a worried mother in you. And when you advice me on life, I see you as a caring elder sister. This letter is for you- My Friend, Philosopher And Guide.

You are reserved and don’t share much with everyone but when you open your heart to me, it makes me feel special. You are my true critic, and I can always trust you on that. In this unknown city surrounded with all strangers, you are a face that always comes to my mind for all my worries. Your presence comforts me and your words make me stronger. Thanks a lot for all the love, care, support and advices that you have shared with me and helped me move out of many adversities in life. With you in my life, I don’t regret of not having an elder sister.

There are few things that I am gonna miss a lot for sure about Chennai and you are certainly one among those. Without you, my life would not be incomplete but your presence has made it even more beautiful and special. You don’t know how much I love you and don’t want to lose this beautiful and loving friend of mine, as I would need you and your scoldings all throughout my life. Be there for me, always! 


My Angel,

You are the latest addition in my life and yes addiction too! With you around I can be myself and do every possible craziest and funniest thing on earth. I hated you when I met you first and have been very rude to you many times, but you have always forgiven me for all my badness and shown me the angelic side in you. Thanks a lot for all the smiles and care you have showered on me. A true angel at heart, last but certainly not the least, this letter is for you- My Angel.

Angel. Well you know why I call you this and yes, I mean it. I have always believed in the power of your thoughts and I believe that when you are around sorrow is a far reality. Thank you for sharing all the good and gloomy times together. Thank you for all the small little joys and happiness you brought in my life as a true friend and well wisher.  Thank you for the Saturday rides (even when the petrol prices are touching sky). Thank you for the sweet surprises (Ya I call you a stingy but you are the most priceless possession of my life). Thanks for bearing my craziness and cruelty at times. Thanks for being patient enough to always be there to listen to my bakwaas. Thanks for the Bewada parties. Thanks for making every small and crazy wish of mine come true. Thanks for clinging onto this cord even when I tried to break it away a lot many times.

An addiction you certainly are, and I am in love with this addiction for the moment and wish the euphoria and intoxication of this addiction remains with me for the moments to come in my lifetime. And like I always say and once again I repeat. I don’t care what you are to the world. For me you are an Angel. Always have been, always will be. 

I know this is not it and there are many more to be added in this place reserved only for the select few, may be later in my life. But guys no one can ever replace any one of you and you will always remain intact in a corner deep inside my heart especially created just for you.
With loads of love and friendship,

Your Friend 


  1. Its rare for me to get emotional and your letter did that, thanks to be in my life Sweetie... Keep Smiling It matters a lot for me.

  2. Awww...thank you so much Meenu, will always keep the smile on sweety...worry not :) I don't like to see u in tears and yes u r not so emotional but today i must confess that it feels good to make u uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu a lotttttttttttt....n keep esmiling always! :) :)