Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zara Zoom!


A closer look and you will find them all the same. You will find a little piece of you inside every heart. You will experience a small slice of your life in every life.  All that you see from this end is the same what you will witness on the other edge, just in a different version perhaps.

Deep down we are all the same. Our lives are the same. Only lifestyles differ. Our emotions are the same. Only expressions vary. Our aspirations are the same. Only inspiration differs. 

We all tempt for the riches. We also relish on the idea of a simple and peaceful life. We all love our freedom. We also like to be tied to our families. We hate our lives.  We also want to be reborn as no one else but ourselves. 

We all desire for the same. We all dream about the same. Our problems are the same. Just approach varies.  All you need is, to look closer. And then you will find them all as you. A step closer and you will see a reflection of you, in a form different than yours.

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