Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chat with ………………

Sometimes office is boring…and sometimes office is very boring…what’s the difference? Well a lot actually! When office is boring you check out some sites (good ones I mean), read few blogs by some famous and some not so famous ones, browse through some picture updates on Facebook or peep into some friend’s profile who is equally boring and you switch back to the home page ASAP, ping the moment you see a familiar name online and say Hi but since you have already spoken to that friend a day before so there is nothing much to share and you end up asking trivial stuffs like “had lunch?” “have a good day” “bye” or if you are like me just shut down your system and hide yourself in a magazine (that is if you fit into it...I don’t). And then there are days when office is very boring. So what do you do? Go to a colleague and chat (of course, your boss should not see you both sitting idle and chatting) or both go to the cafeteria and chat oops I mean discuss on some very serious plan of action (read gossip). And again if you are my type, you blog. So here I am back to blogging. But I did something before writing this post which I would like to share.  Don’t worry am not going to talk about the loo breaks or coffee breaks here. Well something we call as “memories”.  

Memories that were once a reality, not very long ago. Trivial talks on trivial things that have now transformed themselves into a precious form, the form of memories. Events that have turned into memories without me realizing when. Memories that had made me laugh and smile once, and yes they did make me smile and revive those moments once again. 

How? Well when things are too close, it sometimes becomes difficult to reach out to them. But google hai na! The answer to almost all our questions. Well…almost all! And if not google…then google’s bro gmail is always at our service. Just went back to some old saved chats in gmail, made more than a year back and read them line by line. Almost like typing them afresh. As I read through the lines I experienced those insignificant moments from the past turning to a significant present in the form of memories. My mind went into the flashback and now each and every moment was running clear on my mind. The thrill, while reading the chat was the same. The humour was also the same. The smile that it brought back on my face is the same what it was before. The feelings were also almost the same. The only difference was that it was me alone feeling this time. 

I don’t know why but I am very certain that it is not me alone created this malfunctioned way. I am pretty sure many of you too do this. May be don’t admit your stupidity (if at all it is one) on a blog like me. But just give it a try. I mean just go back to that old shelf left ignored at one corner of your life and clear the dust of time, you will see some lost memories emerge.  I am sure you will thank me for the smile it is sure to bring back on your face. :)

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