Monday, January 3, 2011

A Letter To God

Dear Mr. God,

Hope you are in good spirits. Or shall I say hope you are 'with good spirits'. You have never asked still for the courtesy’s sake I should let you know I am doing….well… well I think so! Anyways moving to the point, oh ya Happy New Year to you! I don’t know whether it is apt for you or not but may all your dreams come true and God bless you! Isn’t it so easy for you to bless yourself? I mean if that power is given to us humans no one would be in a state of misery.

Now talking of misery reminds me of mine. This time please pardon me for being selfish as I am going to ask you only for MYSELF! Everytime I see my bank statement it makes me wonder, where am I heading to? Or am I heading to anywhere? So this financial year please do some magic so that my boss loses his mind and grants me increment. Please increase the number of zeros in my bank balance and for your own sake ahem I mean for God’s sake, please don’t erase the one before the zeros like that stupid M Seal AD!

And that’s not all. I have more wishes lined up too. You know being human means being greedy. Anyways that’s how you made us all. It’s now a manufacturing defect and you can’t blame us for it (better you accept your fault). Ok now after money its health. Do some wonder so that all the calories go to the one who stares at my plate and not me! Why don’t you start manufacturing everyone in same shapes and sizes? I think it’s a great idea and you must consider it. You will thank me for this later I bet! As it will save your energy and its a great cost cutting tool.

Keep all my loved ones happy! And please please don’t make me repeat my last year’s mistakes this year again. As i don't know what were those. But few things certainly got screwed up. I can't exactly figure out which ones were good and which ones were not so good. Here i request you to please rewind and have a look, and please rectify the errors. And yes, please help me become more practical…gimme some brains so that I can keep my heart quiet while taking decisions this year. Well the list is huge but I think as of now this will do. Will give you more task once you are done with this one.

Ok now you must be taking it as an act of stupidity for someone to post you a letter online. Well many others might also think on the same lines but I know my letter will reach you through each heart reading this. My words will resonate in your ears through each and every single soul reading my post. But don’t get influenced by their minds. Use your own and please grant my wishes soon. Please please please!

Thanking you.

Yours favourite,
Tanushri Guchhait :)

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