Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Once Upon A Time…My Home!

Everything was same yet there was a feeling of unfamiliarity around. Yesterday I went to my old house to collect some of my stuff remaining there and bid a final good bye to once upon a time my home. My association with these beams and walls has lasted for the past 3 years and though I should get used to it by now, having spent last 24 years of my life (you know my age now…delete from your memory ASAP!) doing the same, still everytime I had to leave a place or move to a new house it hurts somewhere. Strange it is how we get attached to things, both living and the one belonging to the inanimate world.

I looked around. This house has spent 1095 days and nights with me. It has seen me grow from a student to a professional. But today it is no more mine. The study table at the corner is no more mine. No more will I get to relish my mom’s food on this dining table standing in the empty hall, all alone. The shelves once stuffed with my things, both important and trivial, are now all vacant and free. The walls of this room that was once my room still bears my signs in the poster marks that were once stuck on them. This chair that once witnessed many small and big discussions is no more mine. The dressing table which still has my two bindis stuck on the sides of its mirror is no more mine. These concrete steps will no more lead to My Home. Till yesterday it was a part of my identity and today this house is no more mine. Still it is an integral part my life. Always has been, always will be.

When I first stepped on you
I didn’t feel any happiness
My heart didn’t feel know to love you
Today again I am taking a step
This time, the one that goes out

I cried when I first saw you
And today, my eyes are moist again
But the difference lies in my heart

As I bid you a good bye
I can feel the love inside
Yes I am in love with you
Yes I am going to miss you!

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