Monday, December 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

                                      FAKEo Magar Dhaayan Se!

A handbag with the brand 'Apple' written on it

A closer look
Ever since the original brands have come into existence, the cheap duplicates of these brands have flooded the market as well. Considering the ridiculously high price of most of these high end products, many of us knowingly opt for the fake alternatives. So what if it is a fake? As long as it is cheap, no one is complaining!  Sometimes these fake ones come with so much of sophistication, minus the durability, that it’s really difficult to make out the difference between the fake and the original at one glance. And sometimes these fake ones make such a blunder that you can’t help but laugh at them! Like in the pic above where a girl was carrying a handbag which says ‘Apple’ on it. No prizes for guessing that it is a fake one but then ‘why apple?’. An electronics company logo in a handbag?!!!  Just doesn’t go well together! I mean if it was a Gucci or a Hidesign then its fine but Apple? Imagine a pen that says Maggi and a shirt that says Harpic! Funny isn’t it? Of course unless these merchandise are endorsed by the company itself.  At least the brand name inscribed on a fake item should go well with the product category.

Well, all you dudes doing this business of fake brands wake up time guys!!! Use some common sense before faking it up!!!

                           Munching On The Move

Ok now since all of you people know the kind of freak that I am who keeps clicking n posting crap all the time, here is one more story i clicked in the train. Kya karoon, sometimes I just can’t help! He he…thanks to the one who invented mobile camera. This dude is really awesome. I mean nothing can replace it, not even the damn expensive every professional photographer’s pet- SLR! Coz when you want to click without being caught, mobile camera simply rocks!!!
If you happen to travel in a local train in the evening time post office hours, this is exactly how it would look like (Refer the pic above). All hungry souls munching on anything served on their way turning the compartment into a mini market, well quite literally! Fruits, snacks, veggies…You name it and you get it. At a pocket friendly price, munching on the move is not a bad idea. So that makes tummy bhi khush aur pocket bhi! 

P.S   Please be a responsible Muncher and don’t litter while travelling. Happy munching! :)

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