Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ladies Compartment

After facing some not so good experiences while traveling in buses I finally decided to take the train route from my office to home. And to tell you the truth, my journeys in train have been quite eventful, not that the bus journeys weren’t. Just the thing is, the train ones are lot more interesting than irritating unlike the bus journeys. Thanks to the ‘ladies compartment’ (yes one more post on that).

Today was my second day of travel via the Beach-Tambaram local train and I witnessed a small but interesting incident on the way, which I would like to share with you people here. So here I go.

The trains at Fort station are usually empty and you get enough space to comfortably park yourself in one of those not so comfortable wooden seats provided by the government and take out a story book to kill the next 45 minutes of your journey. I opened the zip (of my purse :P) and slipped my hand inside to reach ‘The Lost Symbol’ (Dan Brown). The train started moving away from the station slowly accelerating its speed and as usual leaving many people running behind it making an effort to catch the running train. Dhum dhum dhum…I heard some heavy footsteps as a guy ran behind the train, managing to catch hold of the steel pole near the door, and got inside our compartment. A usual scene I thought and ignored him while opening my novel. But wait! It is not the usual affair. A guy in a ladies compartment?!! Yes he ran so fast that he didn’t even realise that the one he is landing into is the ladies compartment! :P

I have seen many men at the stations, who feel elated after seeing one empty compartment sandwiched in the middle of compartments full of humans. But as they come close to hop inside, their smiles vanish away realising it as the ‘Ladies Compartment’. Disappointed they run to the immediate next and fit themselves to an already overflowing boogie. Ok let’s come back to our poor ‘macho man’ caught inside the Ladies Compartment now. As I looked at him I could see awkwardness and unease fill his face. I know it wasn’t his fault but I found it funny at the same time was feeling sorry for his state as well. ‘Paavam’ I thought.

His expressions were of ‘what to do…what not to do’ types. I don’t know why but he came up to me and asked something that made the whole situation even more funny (yes just for me though).

“Is this a ladies compartment” He asked.

‘Bingo! You got that right! Fool, can’t you get it by the look of it?’ I though.

“Yes” I told.

“Can I sit here” He asked.

“Stupid question!” I thought.

“I don’t think so” I said.

“What should I do now?” He asked.

‘Again a silly question!’ I thought.

“You can get down at the next station and get inside a general compartment” I said.

“Ya…thanks!” He said.

“Its ok…it happens” I told.

Yes it happens sometimes. But if it doesn’t happen with you, it leaves a good laugh for you behind. :D


  1. Nice one Tanu. I should have done the same. You just gave me the great idea. Will do the same when i have the chance. lol...

  2. Jeremy!!! lol dnt call urself trouble :P