Saturday, January 15, 2011

Selfish, Am I?

Everyone has one particular characteristic that describes them. Mine I would call Stupid. But then there are others who come into the category called Selfish. I don’t say I am a very selfless person but I have never tried to make use of anybody in my life. Neither have I ever struck friendship with anyone for any personal gains. And this is something I am very certain about. But yes have many times felt cheated and used by some selfish creatures who pretend to be friend just to get their selfish motive done. It’s not that you don’t know that what are they upto or you are too stupid to understand why a person is behaving a certain way. Just that sometimes it is the way a person is and you can’t do anything about this inbuilt characteristic of theirs. 

While the other person always turns to you only when s/he needs any favour from you and ditches you the very next moment it is over just to turn back shamelessly again in his/her next selfish act. You know s/he is not worth your friendship but still you don’t officially declare it over. Why? Coz now you are selfish. You have this selfish motive of yours in your mind that perhaps one day s/he will change and get out of this vicious characteristic of her/his. So aren’t you selfish here?

But that “one day” never comes and the days of selfish acts keep coming back again and again. So what do you do? Watch them helplessly make fool of you…or rather themselves. Is it a profitable deal to lose a good friend in order to get some trivial things done? Well I certainly don’t think it is. But for many all they care about is I, Me & Myself.

What do you do with such ‘Friends’? Won’t it be an act of selfishness on your part to chuck them out of your life just coz they have this bad habit of being selfish? I mean we all carry some or other drawback. Some are lazy, some are always forgetful, some are stingy but we don’t snap chords with them, then why with the ones who are selfish to us? Ok I agree the other types don’t harm us unlike the ones who are selfish. But is snapping the chord is the solution?   

Yes I am selfish because I don’t want to lose my friends- good, bad, worse or whatever…so much unlike, still alike….yes I am selfish!

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