Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Lot Can Happen Over A Cup Of Chai

Once upon a time there was an advertising agency known as Cedilla Communications. The advertising agency had a tea vending machine and its very hardworking employees were hardly working without having their everyday cup of tea vended from it.  Their lives just revolved around creating good ads over endless cups of this aromatic beverage. Then one day they had had enough of this artificial machine-made chai and thought of going for some real stuff instead, ‘Asli Human-made Chai’. And they bought this… induction stove!!!

Since then all Cedilla Vaasis started drinking ‘Aasli Chai’. And they drank happily ever after…I mean tea! :D

                      The Artificial Chai Vending Machine 

                      The Human-made Chai In The Making...

                        Cheers To The Asli Chai! :)

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