Thursday, November 17, 2011

Early Morning...High Drama!!!

7:30 A.M 
Sitting lazily on the couch and surfing through music channels.

7:35 A.M        
Mom calls for breakfast.

7:40 A.M        
The familiar sound comes from the kitchen again.

7:45 A.M        
Mom shouts for the final time!

8:00 A.M        
Enjoying the fresh cup of aromatic tea while listening to some latest numbers.

8:15 A.M       
“Sh!t man!!! It’s 8:15 already???!!! Let me get ready to office fast!”

8: 30 A.M    
“Damn I never find my things when I need them!!!  Now where did the  i pod go??”

8:45 A.M     
Waiting for the auto at the stand. 

8:47 A.M      
One auto arrives. And gets full before you can even think of stepping ahead!    
People are just too smart! Come on Tanu, you better buck up!! 

8:50 A.M       
Another auto arrives. This time I am smarter than others :D 

9:00 A.M      
Waiting for the bus

9:10 A.M       
Still waiting for the bus

9:15 A.M      
“Yaay!!! Bus came…oops so crowded?? Can’t get in even if I try…leave it…will go in the next one.”

9:17 A.M       
“Uffffffffff…. I don’t wanna be late again!!!”

9:20 A.M
The waiting continues...

9:25 A.M       
“Wots wrong with the buses..?? Why not even a single one to my route coming?? Damn! I am getting late!!!”

9:30  A.M         
“Gosh, I am sooooooooo damn late today!!!”

9:35 A.M          
“Hmmm…chill Tanu you are anyways late so now relax and go aaram se! Just have a look at the crowd around and you thought only you go office late??!!! There are many like you :D…!!!”

9:40 A.M      
“There you are my baby!!! Let me get you fast before others fill you up. Ouch…easy people…it’s just a bus :P!!!” 

Phew!!! Ab Bus!!! 

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