Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Getting Bore"

Ok so it is just another day at work. A boring, dull day without any excitement (even my boss is not shouting today). Actually, his marriage is fixed. So he is not in his senses. ;) And here I am without any assignments to work on today. I am bored to death. Now you must be thinking ‘wow lucky you’. Hmmm…yes I am but what is the use of spending free time in office…I wish I could have gone out or just chilled (read: sleep) at home. But alas, I can’t. :( My present state is the best example of being ‘Jobless at a Job’. Or you can say, the greedy human nature…when bombarded with assignments I curse him (read: my boss) and when not I still curse him. “Let me go home man!!!” I truly miss my good old college days. The only difference between a boring lecture and a boring office is that, the later pays you for getting bore. But the only good thing about the former is that you can always bunk it!!!