Sunday, May 23, 2010

"I am sorry"

‘Sorry’, perhaps is the most common word that we all use every now and then. We step on someone’s feet, we say sorry. We sneeze, we say sorry. We drop something we say sorry. We break something, we say sorry. But when we break someone’s heart, we don’t. Why so? Have you ever thought about it? Why it becomes so difficult to repeat the same word one more time. This amazing word, an answer to all our mistakes, that keep coming to us very easily otherwise. Why does it become so difficult to say it when you are needed to say it the most? I have seen people around me who believe that apologizing means lowering their pride and prestige. And yes I must admit that I am no different or somewhere we all are the same. Of course a little more or less than the other! I have even seen people apologizing on their social networking profiles as their status message. Now, that is bizarre!!!

I wonder what is it that keeps them away from apologizing in person? They say that one should never apologize until you feel it from inside and never forgive unless that forgivingness comes from within. But even after realizing our mistakes how many of us really go back and apologize to the person whom we have hurt. Why don’t people realize that all it takes is, to accept that you are wrong and leave the rest to the other person? Also here the other person should try to understand that keeping the grudges is going to make them guilty as well. Either don’t hurt others and if you can’t do that, have the guts to accept your fault and apologize to it!

What is that reason that keeps us away from apologizing? Is it the fear of our apologies not being accepted or is it that huge ego of ours that stops us from accepting our mistakes? Just give it a try, you will find it much easy than you thought it is. Half of your mistakes get corrected with the feeling of guilt itself and the rest half when you apologize for the same.

Try it. All you have to do is say these three words: ‘I Am Sorry’. It is not that difficult. Isn’t it? :)

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  1. Well as u said half our mistakes get correct wit the feel of guilt n the rest half is not wen we apologize but its when our apology is accepted by the person whom we ask to apologize us . this is my point of view ! !