Friday, July 2, 2010

And The Search Continues….

Today on my way to office, my bus stopped at a signal. I was sitting at the window seat and noticed a guy on bike with a pretty girl sitting at the back. It seemed that they were a couple. The girl was talking something to the guy and the guy was multi-tasking, I mean not just listening to her (or at least pretending to do so) was also gazing at every other girl at the signal. Poor girl I thought. But then it is not something just with her. Every time I am on the roads this is something I get to notice quite often. Today its him ‘maaro a chance’ on someone else’s girlfriend, tomorrow it would be someone else trying his luck at his girlfriend. And the network continues….

Well we all have our share of such kind of jerks in our lives. Or in other words, all men are the same. What was he searching for? I thought. A pretty girl by his side, still he is not happy with that and seeks for more pleasure. Guys have a typical thing in common i.e. to look at others plate all the time, even if they have their own full. What I fail to understand is what results them behave this certain way? I have heard many of my friends who after having ditched by their boyfriends, often say that men are dogs. I don’t really agree with them here. After all dogs are much loyal, aren’t they? Have you ever heard of any dog who ditched his owner?

The big question that I often ask my male friends is what makes then behave this way? Why aren’t you guys happy with one girl at a time? Why more numbers of girlfriends in your list means the more hot property you are? And why is it that when it comes to choosing the their girl, variety becomes the spice of life? The more naive (or at least pretend to be so) that you are, guys like you the more. In every era, the RAVAN goes for a ‘Sati-savitriSITA all the time. Now that’s not fair!!


  1. Now that is chauvinist !!! and guys not being loyal is toooo much. Guys look at beauty to admire !! but tats suddenly the pain in the ass!! if u complain of guys lookin at beautifull girls come with me and i ll show u girlls grillin guys with their looks !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sure tym when u go girl watching just gimme a call...n thanks for reading n the comment :)