Thursday, June 30, 2011

Surprise Surprise!!! :D

Like most of us (except the workaholics among us) I too hate weekdays. Just the thought of going to office makes the lazy self of mine dominate my mind. On top of it is the distance from my workplace to my home that saps my energy levels and makes me exhaust in the beginning of the day itself. And when the mind is struggling between the thought of distance, chaotic traffic conditions, intolerable climatic conditions and unsupported psychological conditions, one face emerges on my mind and helps me regain the lost energy and renews my senses to help me restart another working day…no it’s not the divine energy of almighty I am talking about here…it is something more mightier…it’s the FACE OF MY BOSS!!!...A frowned one of course. :P And I kick started my journey of another day to my office amidst the noisy crowd, the maddening traffic, the scorching sun, the fast moving time and the thought of getting late to office as usual. And then time stopped as I came across an angelic surprise on the way. A surprise, good enough to bring a smile on my face and gracious enough to fill my heart with joy and happiness. Now who cares if I am late by few more minutes…I want to relish each and every moment of this precious gift that just made my day…thanks a lotttttttttttt!!! :D :D

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