Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mama Mia!

Woman is certainly the most beautiful creation of God. Without her the world would not have been so charming or rather there would have been no world without her. She is like the solitaire of a golden ring whose presence enhances the beauty of the ornament and without which the ornament is not worth a wear. Whether it is the four walls of her home or the cubicle of a corporate giant, she plays many roles in one single character of woman. Pick up any face from the crowd and there you will find her- our 21st century working woman. Like the one I come across everyday in the local train. Her charming accessories can catch the fancy of any eye. Her sense of style can leave the fashionistas far behind. She is flawless in her dusky skin. She is beautiful. She is unique. She is just like my Mia.

A gypsy selling accessories in local train

So what if she is a gypsy? Does that mean her beauty is not worth any appreciation? Does that make her hard work less acknowledgeable? Doesn't her everyday interactions and persuasions with the customers amount her to a working woman? She isn't fortunate like many of us in many aspects but she is certainly one of us. She too has her own set of sacrifices. Her own share of dreams and desires. Her own joys and sorrows. Her own work and her own way of making her work beautiful. She is my Mia Woman
She too balances her work and home life, and sometimes balances a little better than us. 


  1. Good one there tanu!!! I have always enjoyed reading your blogs!!!!