Monday, January 12, 2015

Pure & Simple!

Mornings are beautiful. Perhaps that’s why we call them ‘Good Morning’. But not every morning is always a good morning. A pimple is enough to turn an awesome morning into an awful one. Pop it appears and everything else gets spoiled. Especially when you have that important job interview or a dinner date, trust Murphy’s Law and this face menace is always there to give your confidence a tough competition! Damn! Why me? Why I don’t have a normal skin? Why do I have to constantly sleep with the fear of an outbreak the next morning? Forget beautiful, even having a normal clear pimple free skin is like a dream. If you too have oily skin that is prone to breakouts like me, you would understand what I mean. My whole teenage years were more of a constant fight with pimple problems than studies. The worse was when everyone around me was more worried about my skin than me. Suddenly everyone around me became a doctor and started advising me on how to tackle pimples.  One would say go for facials, the other would advice to go for natural products like multani mitti (Fuller’s earth). Some would swear by the benefits of besan (chickpea flour) while some would say apply curd. Then there were also patrons of papaya, lemon, tomato, cucumber and what not. Sometimes looking at my plate I would rather want to put it on my face than in my mouth. But that wasn’t all; there were some really crazy and embarrassing ones too. Like, “perhaps your stomach is not clean, eat papaya every day”. As if my poop has got to do with these pops. Hahaha. God! What days were those! For all the 9 months I would eagerly wait for the 3 months of winter, when everyone around me would complain about itchy, dry, rough and flaky skin and I would be glad of my oily skin, for a change. But that happiness was always short lived. Soon summers would strike and my super shiny, super sticky skin would be back with pimples and their marks. Shining with full glory to make me look ugly & gory! Gosh! Even remembering about it makes me sink into a sad state of mind.

 But all this was way before I got this amazing product introduced into my life- Garnier Pure Active range. I saw their promotions on TV and print. But that wasn’t enough for me to get convinced. After all everyone claims of giving you a pimple free skin but is having a pimple and marks free skin really possible? So I wrote to their customer care with my query. And it was really nice of them to revert back to me. Actually I wasn’t expecting them to answer back. They also sent me one pocket booklet that contained detailed information about skincare, explaining the various layers of skin, how oily skin functions and the 4 magic steps to clear skin- Cleansing, Toning, Mosturising and Exfoliation. For the first time I got to understand not just about my problem but my skin in detail and also understood on how to take care of it. After all it isn’t as hard as it seems. I  had to just replace my soap with Garnier Pure Active face wash containing real Neem Leaf and Tree Tea Oil extracts, exfoliate with the Pure Active Blackheads Uprooting scrub once a week and for those sudden breakouts I have this magical Pure Pimple Control Pen that vanishes my pimple like it was never there. Now I know what to do and what not to do with my skin. I have  stopped worrying about my skin and started loving it.  If you too want to fall in love with your skin then here is the solution For more tips on skincare have a look here

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