Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scale Scare

Today I did quite a daring act…no I didn’t jump from the clock tower or killed a cockroach. Not as daring as these, but certainly quite a daring one at least to me. After keeping myself away from my weight machine for quite a long I finally gathered some courage to do a reality check on how much I have put on in the last couple of months after I stopped working out.
So everyone is right that I have put on weight and today even the scales proved so. Well the results were not very shocking to me as it was something I was very much anticipating after indulging into food (all unhealthy ones) so much all these days. After all, I spent most o the time in either a restaurant or coffee shop in past few months. Why? Well I myself don’t know. Perhaps just wanted to break the monotony of eating the same boring ‘healthy’ food. By the way a foodie doesn’t need any excuse to indulge into food! When you see those eyes giving you strange looks as you try getting an extra scoop of ice cream at the dinner table… when the waiter at the restaurant welcomes you with a big friendly smile as you become a regular customer …when that favorite dress of yours that you bought couple of months back becomes tight like your old rags… when you don’t fit into that dressing table mirror anymore… all these doesn’t mean that you have added inches around your waist but just remind you that the past few months have been quite a solace for the foodie inside you.
What I fail to understand is that why everyone around keeps reminding you that you have put on weight as if you don’t know that? :P Yes I know that I have put on before anyone else realises, still everyone brings this reality to the surface that I just don’t wanna face! I wonder why is it the others that are more worried about MY weight that ME? Guys why don’t you please mind our own business (Read: Tummy)?
May be we all are a bit more judgmental when it comes to others. Or may be because they really care for ME. Well whatever, the bottom line is I have put on weight and need to shed it down. Time to hit the treadmill…..again!

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