Saturday, January 2, 2010

Home **Sweet** Home :)

Happy New Year guys!!! Yes the few handfuls who take toll and visit ‘My World’. Finally I am back from Kolkata after a not very long but eventful tour. Coming to Chennai was never so joyful. In fact I never thought that I would ever be so happy to step back into the city. Especially after a long train journey that sap in all your energy when you finally reach your station..its a bliss! One word that would define a train journey would be boring, boring and only boring. Gone are the days when I used to enjoy it so much as a kid that I never wanted it to end. Now it sucks!!! The never ending track just keeps becoming lengthier and lengthier.
Well in a zest this trip to Kolkata was full of fun n exhaustion. Now I really want break from holidays and travelling! Yes you heard it right…BREAK FROM HOLIDAYS!!! Just can’t stand the stays in hotels and relatives places….maasi, naani, daadi, taau’s home and all…really nothing can beat the coziness and friendliness of the place that gives you the greatest comfort of the entire world. The place that you call your ‘HOME’. Finally I m back in mine and my bed is calling me…need a power nap…catch u later…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. hii. i am happy i didnt missed much of ur blogs. Ya its true...the real peace comes at home and i can feel that coz i am staying away from my home from the last 9 years (after leaving school)and it feels so good to be back at home with family, even if for 2-3 days.
    Ahhh!!!hope u must have reduced ur weight by now :-) Good luck.