Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Independence Day!!! :)

This independence day let us free ourselves from the boundaries created by region… the restrictions of religion…let us free ourselves from the confines of caste and class…the precincts of language…let us free our minds from all the inhibitions…let’s break the block and move towards building a country without any prejudices and discrimination…coz until we free ourselves from these fiends..We are not free yet…so break all the limitations and unite ourselves into a single identity common to all…

On this occasion of the 64th year of our freedom. Let’s forget who we are…let’s forget where we belong to…let’s forget the religion we practice…Let’s forget the region we live…and remember only one thing…Only one identity…Only one nation and one religion…the land of unity in diversity…from now on let us carry an unanimous identity for ourselves…an identity that is common to all… an identity that adheres the divide created by the politics of regionalism and religion…and preaches only humanity and peace…from this 15th of August let’s call ourselves Indian…just an Indian…happy Independence Day!

Below are few lines I have penned down when I see the bias around me in the name of religion and language.

I love Jesus… I love Allah…
I love Krishna…I love Buddha…

I love the oak and the beautiful teak
Paradise in the Himalayan peak
I love the cold chilly wind that makes me freeze
Oh, I love you my blue Marina for your soothing gentle breeze

I love the aroma of fresh tea leaves from the north-east
I love the delightful Dussehra of the east
Sensual sculptures of Khajuraho becomes a cynosure
Emotions engraved on rock; my heart adore

I love the colourful people and the royal palaces of the west
A place where the dessert looks at its best
They say we are different…colour caste religion and region
But still I don’t find any reason

Deep down I see them all the same
Carrying out a single aim in different names
They call me a North Indian; some find me a South-Indian,
I look at them and smile; “see me a human and call me an Indian’’ :)

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