Saturday, August 14, 2010

Office Office

Workplace does not mean just Work, it comes with a whole package. A big bunch of experiences and emotions….eh emotions?!!! Well I think so!! At least in my case. Emotions of happiness and joy on a job well done, emotion of stress and frustration when things just don’t work in your favour etc etc…Your office is a place where you spend the maximum hours of a day. Though they are not your friends or your family, your colleagues are the ones with whom you spend more time than your family and after sometime you start knowing them better than you know your family and friends. Just a little observation does all the magic.

They say work is worship, I say it’s all about worshipping the Boss!!! Something I preach but have never been able to practice myself. May be perhaps I don’t want to or never felt the need. The attitude “Who cares?!!!” dominates here in “My World”…Who cares if people play politics around? Who cares if someone who claims to be a friend bitches behind your back? Who cares if someone else gets the credit for your hard work? Etc etc…Who cares?!!! Alright one cannot be indifferent for long and then comes a stage when you start caring and of course thinking as well…either you find a solution or you find a better job…resignation time guys!!! People come and people go…again who cares?!!! Or do they?

Now every coin has two sides and everywhere there are two types of creatures…oh colleagues I meant…!!! Well the survival of the bad depends on the existence of the good. Lucky to have comes across many from both the types and to be honest it has been a great experience so far…with both. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful experiences and for all the learning…and if you are reading this blog…then you know which one you belong to…don’t you?!!! :P

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