Monday, November 1, 2010

Work Is Work

Being women has its own pros and cons. Leaving the cons aside (as a lot has already been spoken about them), the small little privileges that come our way from the government like the reserved seats in buses and trains are few things that we girls just love to take advantage of.  And yes I know all you men out there are jealous about it. :P Well in one hand we talk about equality in status while on the other we demand such kinda reservations too. I know not fair naa?!!…but then life is not always fair you see! :P

But what if you are not a woman yet you are given a share in these advantages which are especially reserved for the women. Have you ever thought how the entire experience would be to travel in a ladies compartment with you being the only guy around? Sounds embarrassing? May be for some but for most of the men I believe it would be a mixed reaction placed somewhere in the middle of excitement and embarrassment. Yaar just imagine… you would be “THE MAN” amidst a compartment full of hot chicks….eh I mean girls!!! Ahem…ahem...stop imagining now! :P Ask this policeMAN (in the pic extreme left) who was on duty for ‘our protection’ in the ladies compartment where I was travelling and you would know the answer. I wonder what would have been going through his mind while he was performing his job with a ‘watchful eye’. A little embarrassed or excited or just being indifferent and taking it as any other place of duty? Well whatever be the environment around, work is work…right?!!!

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