Monday, October 25, 2010

The Sword Of Cedilla

The Mighty Sword

The close-up

This is a sword. Yeah I know you can see that. But it is not just any ordinary sword. Cocooned inside a rusted scabbard at a corner in our office, especially bought from an antique shop in Thailand, the weapon belongs to Charlemagne (Charles the Great), the famed Medieval king of the Franks and first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. And you reading this blog believe it is true?!!! :P Well the owner (one of our colleagues) believed so or something similar to this while purchasing it. But it didn’t take him long to realize that he was being thugged. Arrey he could not make out the difference between the ordinary junk and the precious one (antique)! :P

Ever since this realization of reality was made by him, the sword has found its new home in our office. And is now an essential part of our team Cedilla, giving our office a touch of royalty. Shifting from one hand to the other this sword is our stress buster at times of pressure clubbed with fun. If I say, holding a sword and faking your power is an experience out of the world then it would be an overstatement. But it certainly makes you feel powerful (momentarily though) once you get your hold on it. Perhaps that’s the reason why our boss likes to display his power by walking along with this sword at times. And when he takes his hands off it, it is we who do the honors! :)

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