Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good ‘Mourn'ing!!!

Cool breeze come uninvited from the window and whispers morning in your ears blowing a chilly kiss on the forehead…arms stretch to welcome the sweet sunshine but the feet is reluctant to step out of the warm cosy comfort of the blanket …but after much negotiations with the mind (dude u have already taken two days leave this month and you better don’t make your boss go crazy asking for more…!!!) the alarm snoozes off in support of the mind…finally the mind wins as the feet reluctantly fingers the cold calm tiles to start the journey of another working day….Wow mornings are sometimes beautiful….yeah even for lazy people like me!!! : P

Still somewhere drooping in the middle of the world of dreams and daylight…you suddenly realize the world has shrunk in size…eh?? Or perhaps it is not the world it is your eyes that have…what’s going on??!!…you splash some water to reflect the reality in the mirror….EYE FLU!!! Oh Shit!!!

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