Wednesday, October 20, 2010

‘Back’ing Up In The Bus

Being a backbencher is always a fun. Be it the last bench of a classroom or the end row corner seat of a movie theater, sitting at the back has its own benefits. The point is no one can watch you while you can observe each and every activity of the front. You know what I mean right? Good!

Coming ‘Back’ to the point. Was travelling in a bus few days ago when I saw this pair seated at the second last seat in front of me. Though PDA is largely a personal choice and I would not like to opine over it here. Just like any other lovebird, they too were completely lost in each other, unaware of the happenings around. Still am trying to figure out the reason behind my click, anyways it just came spontaneously giving me something to write on. Sometimes being in love makes you forget everything. And sometimes you are so much absorbed in everything else that you just forget the love. :P

P.S. I strongly condemn taking pictures of others without their knowledge or consent, provided it is harmless like the one above.

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