Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another one from my train journeys

Everyday on my journey to destination- office, I see a reflection of myself in their eyes in the train. Eyes that tell a story of life and its learning. Of joy and happiness…of pains and sorrows…of dreams and desires…of struggles and sacrifices.

Eyes…some reflect my past, some tell the story of my present, and some bring me a glimpse of the future.  I see myself in the laughter of that small little girl sitting on her mother’s lap enjoying every mundane view outside the window from her innocent eyes. I see myself in the teenager brushing through the notes at the last moment before her exams. I see myself in that young professional sitting half dozed off, tuned in to music amidst a mind full of ambitions and ambiguity. I find my soul lost in the infinite thoughts that the pregnant lady carries in her mind of her unborn child. Hiding away the pain and unease with the pleasure of motherhood, she is going to obtain. I glimpse a slice of myself in that middle aged women sitting at the centre juggling between work and home, gulping down her breakfast in hurry. I see myself in the old lady with grey hair at the corner reading The Bible completely isolated and submerged in her own world. And I see a reflection of me in all their eyes. And I find a part of me inside each one of them.


  1. hey woww da...
    Its really soo awesome dearr

  2. Alot of our lives are so inter-twined with the world of others. Its what moves our world. The human mind and love which moves them all....

    Nice post Tanu..... XOXO
    - Vazz