Monday, March 7, 2011

What’s in the name...A lot actually

Ever since I landed into this part of India, the vast cultural and linguistic differences between the south and the rest of the country has constantly kept me at surprise from time to time…and just when I convince myself saying that now am very much used to this land and the differences have blended within, I discover something new again that leaves me...well just with a smile on my face now.

This is a board I noticed at the station I catch my train from. It is called ‘Chennai Fort’. What is so special about this? Well it is in the name. The name in Tamil says ‘Chennai Kottai’. ‘Kottai’ in Tamil means ‘Fort’, which is quite evident from the English version of the name here. But the fun lies in the Hindi version of it. Even if one ignores the blunder made with the spellings here, it still doesn’t make any sense to you if you skip the English or Tamil version. ‘Kottai’ for sure is a word in Tamil that makes perfect sense when written in Tamil but when you use the same as it is in Hindi it just leaves you...well confused! But then this is Tamil Nadu dude. Enchanting ‘Tamil’ Nadu...Mind it! :)

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