Tuesday, December 6, 2011

For The 'Beautiful' You...

Brighter you in just 7 days!!! Flawless fairness…!!! Get a slimmer tummy in just 15 days!!! Get silky, shiny hair in just one wash!!! Younger looking skin in just 7 days!!! Miracles do happen!!! No more dark circles or fine lines!!! Guaranteed results!!! No more grays…only beautiful hair!!! Fragrance so alluring, even angels can’t resist it!!! Phew…Advertising causes a sense of insecurity in the minds of the audience and then creates urgency to force the buyer to purchase those so called ‘life changing and miraculous” products in the name of “Smart Buyers”.  Really funny!!! But can beauty really be bought? Beauty of the skin? May be yes. But beauty of the soul? Never. The amount of money, time and peace of mind we waste on our chase for that ‘flawless’ skin, ‘perfect’ body and ‘shining’ hair, not even an  iota of the same we devote towards the thought of beautification of the soul. 

Ok leave it. I am not here to talk about whether these products deliver what they claim or whether we should purify the soul before the skin or whether advertising i.e. my bread and butter is a boon or bane to the society. I would rather talk about the perception of beauty and happiness that has been seeded within us for ages through Advertising. Or rather we have seeded it inside us.

Is physical beauty equals to a happy and satisfied life? Most of you would say “No”. But then why are we so insecure about ourselves? We all know we are beautiful in our own ways then why do we chase after that screen image of beauty? We, the intelligent, educated, independent and yes, beautiful smart buyers! 

A very good friend of mine once told me that it is her dark skin tone that she thinks is the reason behind her breakup. 6 months later I found her ex ditch the fairer girl too, for whom he had ditched my dark complexioned ‘beautiful’ friend. All my life I thought it is my fat self that keeps guys away from me. But then I see girls double and triple my size sporting handsome boyfriends. (ok here I might sound a lil desperate but just to make it clear, I am Not!!! :P) 

As they say beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and yes colours and odors too. I say it’s all in your mind. And by ‘Beauty’, I don’t just mean women but men as well. Just coz Gillette says girls like clean shaved guys, it doesn’t mean you have to be clean shaved! Gillette never asked me my opinion!!! And my dear Axe,  dunno about the angels but your smell just makes me run away than fall for you!!! Buddy Garnier, I have no desire of my man to be Light. L’oreal, darling puhlease stop bothering about my grays, I would love to age gracefully and flaunt those shades of aging. Sorry Fair & Lovely, I got this job coz of my skills and not for my skin tone!!! And all you slimming jellies , powders, creams and capsules, if someone has to love, he has to love me this way else I will tell him the very same word that I am gonna tell you….GET LOST!!!

Let your beauty free from the cage of the bottles and find its true glory in the eyes of its beholder. And let the beholder be ‘You’, coz only ‘You’ are worth it!

P.S. Grooming is good as long as it doesn’t get into your head! Stay beautiful! :)

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  1. Actually many of us don't know know what real beauty is so we believe what other saying is true until they encountered it by them-self .