Friday, December 2, 2011

Hamesha Forever!!! :)

As much I crib about my travelling everyday, I must confess it also gives me a glimpse of many sweet and funny incidences of life that I get to share with you all here. One such thing that I came across today was an elderly couple walking in front of me. Both seem to be returning back from work and yes very much in love with each other. While it is a very common site to see young couples walking hand in hand and laughing at each and every word of their conversation irrespective of it making any sense or not, when it comes to the little elderly ones the conversation mostly occurs without any verbal mode of communication and seldom it contains any display of affection whether public or private. But that wasn’t the case with this couple. They were enjoying each other’s company just like a teenager would do with his/her first love. Wow….it really feels good to see people still keeping their love in its freshest form even after having spent so many long years with each other. The only thing that I have for them is…God bless!

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