Monday, December 12, 2011

I love to lie…I am paid for it!!!

Yeah and that is what we call ‘Advertising’. The art of telling lies to persuade people. Yes I am a liar. Lying is my profession. Nope I am not very proud of my lies, but of my profession, yes very much. To succeed professionally I have to polish my art of lying and sound more appealing and attractive to fool others. Perhaps the day I get my increment, I would assume I have accomplished myself as a liar, convincing enough.

We all have lied in our lives, either by the compulsion of the situation or compulsion of one’s nature or just for covering up some guilt or make someone happy saying a sole satisfactory statement to convince ourselves that “as long as my lies don’t harm anyone, it’s ok!”. But even this statement doesn’t apply here in my case. I know my lies might affect people. It might cause an incurable damage to them for a lifetime and make them feel so cheated and fooled. And I also know that I am as helpless as they themselves are. Still somewhere deep down inside I feel guilty. Guilty of my trade. Guilty of the fake and empty promises I make everyday. Guilty of that old retired middle class fellow who would buy that ‘Dream Home’ losing all his saving of a lifetime from that so not to be trusted builder based on the Fake Testimonials I wrote today! Guilty of that young professional for whom buying a home is certainly a dream cherished over the years come true. Oh yeah, btw that’s the reason of all this confession here!

Wrote 50 fake testimonials for a client as the real and truthful ones were all negative. Was too much of a sin for me in a single day, so am here for the reconciliation. Guilty as charged!!! 

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